Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama’s hug of Iran is a rebellion against God

If rebelling against tyranny is obeying God’s will – as both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson stated – what exactly is President Obama doing when he reaches out to Iran with the equivalent of a White House hug? Answer: Leading America farther away from the safety and security of God’s grace.

Think about it.

In a speech before the Heritage Foundation, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) said the United States ought to enact “immediate and crippling sanctions” on Iran and quit the “sham nuclear negotiations,” the National Council of Resistance of Iran reported. Why?

“Iran is a radical, Islamist tyrannical regime … that has been killing Americans for 35 years,” said, the NCRI continued.

Cotton then cited Iran’s many offenses, including its repressive totalitarian government, its sponsorship of terrorism and terror groups the world over and its continued quest for nuclear weaponry. But Team Obama’s response to all these travesties has been conciliatory at best – an outright affiliation with evil at worst.

“U.S. negotiators have surrendered repeatedly to Iran’s demands, conceding a right to enrich uranium, allowing Iran to keep its plutonium-producing reactor, asking only that its centrifuges be disconnected instead of dismantled,” Cotton said. “In return for these concessions to Iran, the U.S. has given and will give Iran billions of dollars more in sanctions relief.”

Obama’s cave to Iran is so great that even his own political party is outraged.

Look at the exchange between Tony Blinken, deputy secretary of state, and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) during a recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Blinken admitted that the Obama administration wasn’t so concerned about shuttering Iran’s nuclear program as with striking an agreement that delays its development of nuclear weaponry – a stance that defies both logic and sanity. Or, as Menendez said: The Obama administration has “talking points that come straight out of Tehran.”

And after learning that it’s true, that Obama’s deal lets Iran enrich uranium and build as many plutonium light water reactors as desired, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) weighed in with concern, saying such activities are “not consistent with a purely civilian program.”

No kidding.

There is not an eye in the international community that doesn’t blink in incredulity over the claim that Iran’s nuclear program is solely for peaceful, civilian purposes – except, it would seem, Obama’s. But his blinders are stubborn accouterments of his own doing. To the president, talk and diplomacy is the be-all of all foreign affairs – and the notion of labeling evil as evil, a queasy verbalization to be avoided at all costs.

But this is not the way to protect America from its enemies. You can’t cut a deal with the devil and expect good to come.

The matter of Iran strikes at the very core of nation’s founding: Either we are a country built on Judeo-Christian principles, emboldened by the very God who drove and inspired our founders to successfully fight for freedom against all odds – or we’re not. Either we’re a country that stands for righteousness, seizing the high moral ground that comes from knowledge and obedience to the very biblical principles that God bestowed on the leaders of His established nations – or we’re defeated, in all but admission.

Our leaders need to confront Iran with truth, first and foremost. The nation is evil, run by evil-doers, who seek to spread their evil into the West. The price for political correctness and falsehood is too great.

As William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, said: “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”


  1. This is more complicated than Obama negotiating with a terrorist state. Remember the CIA overthrew The democratically elected President in the 50's and put in the Shah. The reason for the overthrow was that Iran was nationalizing their oil from the British Empire. One reason the students took the hostages is because the United States was going to get the Shah out so he would stand trial for his quite serious abuses against the people.

    Sorry but when you write ""Either we are a country built on Judeo-Christian principles, emboldened by the very God who drove and inspired our founders to successfully fight for freedom against all odds – or we’re not.," this url discusses the relevance of our founders many of whom were high Masons. Just look at the iconography present in the Capital building. http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/mashist.htm

    In truth the US has nation built for far to long...............Jack.....................keep up the good work Cheryl.

  2. Interesting stuff, about the nation's Mason roots (which I am aware of). Thanks for your comments!