Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jan Morgan, gun range owner: Business 'quadrupled' since I banned Muslim

Jan Morgan, the owner and operator of the Arkansas-based Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, said business has been booming since September, when she first announced that she would no longer allow Muslims to utilize her services, as a matter of public safety.

She also said that the threats of lawsuits that have loomed since she announced the ban on Muslims have drifted away, the Daily Mail reports.

The American-Islamic Relations, for instance, recently called on Attorney General Eric Holder to look into her ban as a case of racial and religious discrimination, accusing Ms. Morgan of fueling "a hostile environment for ordinary Muslims in Arkansas," the Daily Mail reported. But Ms. Morgan said she's not backing down -- that such lawsuit threats have no teeth because Islam is not a genuine religion, worthy of constitutional protections, and that many Muslims want to kill people like her, she said, the news outlet reported.

In that sense, her ban is a "public safety" issue, she's said, in past interviews. And some attorneys agree that she stands on firm legal ground, particularly if she maintains her range is private -- which could therefore exempt it from certain federal civil rights regulations, the Daily Mail reported.

"We are dealing in lethal firearms," Ms. Morgan said to "I'm not going to let a Nazi shoot in here, or a Ku Klux Klan member in here, either."

Her message -- and ban -- has apparently been resonating with area gun enthusiasts.

Ms. Morgan said her range business has "quadrupled" since she first announced the ban on Muslims, in September 2014.

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