Thursday, July 14, 2016

Republican Freedom Caucus Moves to Impeach IRS John Koskinen, Saying He 'Lied' on Scandal

Members of the House Freedom Caucus on Capitol Hill, made up entirely of select members of the Republican Party, pushed forward with a resolution seeking to impeach John Koskinen, the IRS commissioner.

The group, led by Reps. John Fleming and Tim Huelskamp, filed the resolution to impeach late Wednesday evening, Fox News reported. The resolution isn't "privileged," and therefore must wait its turn in line for vote – an often lengthy process that can drag for months.

But GOPers in the caucus said they're tired of waiting on leadership to give the thumbs-up to try and impeach Koskinen, even though doing so would move the resolution to the front of the voting line and onto the House floor for a quick pass or fail decision.

Koskinen has been in the crosshairs of Republicans – and many Americans – for years, due to a 2010 IRS scandal that saw many tea party-type and conservative organizations seeking non-profit status placed on hold. Later investigation revealed officials within the IRS unduly delayed the permit applications of groups that leaned ideologically right.

Republicans who called Koskinen to Congress to explain the agency's actions accuse that he intentionally ignored and "lied" about goings-on at the IRS in the non-profit application division.

The resolution to impeach will most likely force leadership to make a decision about its outcome this fall, Fox News reported.


  1. I wouldn't trust that little Kosesian guy any farther than I could throw him...

  2. Much there to distrust, that's for sure!