Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Washington State Adds ‘Transgenderism’ to School Curriculum – For Kindgergartners

Evil, evil, evil ....

Students as young as five years old – kindergartners – are going to be taught about the ins and outs of “transgenderism” in all public schools in Washington, beginning in the fall 2017 semester.

That’s according to the Daily Caller, which reported on the state’s new health-education learning standards, which have been broadened to include “gender expression” as a mandatory teaching.

The curriculum states that children as young as age five will be taught to “understand there are many ways to express gender,” all as part of the “self-identify” sex education classes that are mandatory for public schools, GOP USA reported.

Among the course training: “Gender is no longer determined by a person’s biological characteristics at birth,” as GOP USA put it. And further, “teachers will inform children through the curriculum that gender expression is now subjective to individual preference, and not limited to one’s actual sex,” the news site continued.

By the time a child in Washington’s public schools enters third grade, he or she will have to be able to “explain that gender roles can vary considerably,” according to the course outline.

The course comes on the heels of the open door bathroom and dressing room policy put forth by President Obama, through his Justice Department and Department of Education, that said public schools have to allow students to ability to visit whichever restroom they choose, based on their thoughts about their own sex that day, or else face loss of federal funding.

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