Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dearly Beloved: ISIS Terrorists Offered Marriage Counseling to Keep Wives From Fleeing

Oh, this is just too rich ...

The New York Post – not the satirical site the Onion – reported ISIS terrorists have been forced to offer their recruits marriage counseling in order to keep their stressed-out brides at home and happy during hardship times.

Citing the UK Sun, the news outlet reported ISIS terrorists just opened a "relationship counseling center" in Raqqa, Syria, in order to make sure even the toughest of terrorist has access to a quality marriage, described in part as one in which the woman doesn't flee.

The media offshoot of ISIS released a photograph to go with the announcement portraying a woman with a tear-stained face requesting aid from a therapist who's near by a box of tissues.

Strange but true: Hard to imagine women could complain
about the treatment they receive from their ISIS husbands.
The psych sessions come as ISIS has been tied to dozens of videotaped beheadings of Christians and others who refuse to toe their terrorist line. They also come on the heels of numerous suicide bombings in recent months that have left dozens dead and even more injured in places like Paris, Iraq, Syria and Brussels purportedly by members of ISIS or sympathizers and supporters of ISIS.

Still, thousands of women from the West, including Britain, have made the journey to Iraq and Syria to marry ISIS members – only to find their betrothed aren't all they're cracked to be. On top of that, the constant fighting in choice spots of high terror activity have left the region in shambles.

"At least before [ISIS] we had electricity, we could bake and cook," said one women in Raqqa, to the Open Your Eyes dissident website organization.
And another said to the same group, the New York Post reported: "Our basic needs were met. Now we are back to ancient times. There's no electricity, no drinking water. There are no services."

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