Friday, January 22, 2016

Louie Gohmert to evangelicals: Tread carefully on Donald Trump due to views on God, forgiveness

Rep. Louie Gohmert, one of Capitol Hill's staunchest defenders of the Constitution and the country's Judeo-Christian roots, said in a recent interview with Newmax TV he liked Donald Trump, understood why evangelicals would support him, but that those of the faith needed to think hard on their vote, given the billionaire businessman's previous statements about God.

Specifically, Gohmert spoke of Trump's past remarks about believing in God, but never asking for forgiveness.

"That really is amazing that evangelicals would say, well clearly he has never admitted what Jesus said – you know, you got to admit that you're a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus and if you have never admitted that, then it's amazing that so many evangelicals will say this is the guy," Gohmert said, Breitbart reported.

He then said he understood why Trump's message was resonating among Christians and evangelicals, just the same.

"I do understand there they are coming from though," he said. "We have seen the country do such a huge about-face in such a short time, so that now people are not just persecuted but prosecuted for their Christian beliefs."

And he went on, saying he also liked much of Trump's message, but could not blindly dismiss some of his past statements.

"I love a lot of the things that Donald Trump is saying," Gohmert said, Breitbart reported. "But then you worry since he is a deal maker and he knows how to win, is he doing what he needs to do to win now, and then going to turn around and go back to the principles he stood on for nearly all of his life in the general election? And then evangelicals have nowhere else to go at that point."

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