Monday, November 16, 2015

Paul Ryan charts course of 'common ground' and cooperation with Obama

And the RINO reveals his spots ....

Newly minted Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he is aware of the political differences between his party and that of the White House's, but that he hopes to find "common ground" just the same.

In an interview on "60 Minutes" on CBS, Ryan said partisanship in the nation's capital has resulted in gridlock.

"Somewhere in this we got into impugning people's character and motives if we didn't like their ideas," he said, the Hill reported. "We got to get back to just debating ideas. You know, we have two ears and one mouth. We got to use those in that proportion."

Specifically, he said he wants "common ground" with Obama on a range of issues.

"Look, if we can find common ground, we can on highways, we will on funding the government, hopefully we can on tax policy," he said. "Those are three things that will produced certainty in this economy in the next few months. Let's go do that."

Ryan's rise to speaker power sparked much debate among the more conservative bases in the House over whether he would prove a John Boehner copycat – meaning, a leader who conceded too much, too frequently to the liberal side of the aisle.

He hasn't yet met publicly with Obama to talk about his nonpartisan push for policy reform, but said he's touched base with the president "a number of times" on a private basis since he assumed the speaker role.

"[We talked about ] things that we have to get done by the end of the year ... [and the] courtesy issues," Ryan said, adding the two also bonded over their teenage daughters, the Hill reported.

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