Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Iran quits dismantling nuclear centrifuges: 'The process stopped with a warning'

This can't be good ...

Iran quit dismantling nuclear centrifuges in two of its uranium enrichment facilities, Natanz and Fordow, sending another subtle message to the West about the tenous state of the forged deal, and dealing a blow to President Obama's assurances of a new Tehran that honors its promises.

Just a week ago, Iran had sent out a statement of intent to shutter its inactive centrifuges at the two sites, in accordance with the deal pushed by Obama. But now that action's been halted. Iran's hard-liners complained to President Hassan Rouhani the shut-down was going forth in a rushed manner, and they wanted to slow it down, Reuters reported.

"The [dismantling] process stopped with a warning," said Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of the National Security Council, in the ISNA student news agency.

Reuters said he didn't elaborate on what he meant by "warning," but another Alireza Zakani, the head of parliament's nuclear deal commission, said the dismantling had come to a halt due to the tone of the letter sent by the 20 hard-liners to Rouhani. The letter mentioned Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's insistence that Iran should keep the centrifuges in active mode.

Israel, in particular, has warned of Iran's likely treachery over the nuclear deal. But Obama has said several times over the past year the deal he pressed with Iran included several means of ensuring the rogue nation abided its terms, and that sanctions relief would not lead to the country's development of nuclear weapons.

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