Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Half of Americans dislike Iran deal -- only 2 percent think Tehran trustworthy: Pew

President Obama may have sealed the deal on his Iranian nuclear deal, winning the required 41 votes in Congress needed to keep it alive, but as far as the American people go, nearly half hate it.

Another 30 percent have no opinion, Pew Research Center for U.S. Politics & Policy found, in a recent poll. But only 21 percent actually approve of it.

The level of U.S. approval for the pact is down quite a bit from mid-July, when 33 percent of Americans said they were on board with it.

The past six weeks has seen a lot of shake-up with the polling numbers, however, in part because of the widespread press coverage about some of the more controversial details of the deal. Among those areas still hotly contested are allowances for Iran that give the country the ability to delay inspections up to 24 days, and that provide sanctions relief to the tune of $50 billion – and, by some reports, up to $150 billion.

Moreover, Americans aren't sold on the idea of a trustworthy Iran.

"The public continues to express little confidence that Iran's leaders will live up to their side of the nuclear agreement," Pew found. "Just 2 percent have a great deal of confidence that Iran's leaders will abide by the agreement, while another 18 percent say they have a fair amount of confidence."

Another 70 percent say "they are not too confident" Iran will honor the terms of the pact, Pew said.

Iran, in fact, has already moved toward development of a new nuclear reactor. As reported by WND, Russia has just signed a pledge to help Tehran construct a second reactor in the Bushehr province later this year. The State Department, meanwhile, said this project is not explicitly prohibited by the terms of the nuclear deal or by existing U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Pew poll:

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