Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Julie Banderas, Fox News, sides in favor of gay marriage: 'I am a Christian'

I have a hard time reconciling support for gay marriage with Christianity ... 

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas went on an emotional plea for her viewing public to accept the idea of gay marriage, saying her sister was a lesbian and nobody had the right to deny somebody that chance to share their lives "with somebody they love," she said.

She made the remarks while responding to a viewer question involving voter initiatives on gay marriage that suggested constituents ought to have the final word on the unions, not the courts.

Banderas said: "I'm a married woman. I have ... a ring on my finger. I never asked anyone to vote on whether or not I had the right to do this," Mediaite reported.

She then told how her gay sister served as her maid of honor at her wedding, and expressed interest in doing the same. She also said a gay friend of hers at Fox News recently walked her mother down the aisle during her own wedding, Mediaite reported.

And her final thought: Nobody should have the right to tell someone they can't "spend the rest of their lives with somebody they love."

Fox News viewers, meanwhile, have reacted with strong opinions to her views – and she's responded with similarly strong counter arguments.

In one tweet, Banderas wrote: "I am a moderate with views on fairness."

In another: "I don't expect to change minds however I do expect people to respect differing opinions. I do."

Another: "Marriage is a binding union between two people. Marriage is also not an easy road."

One more: "If marriage was about religion Atheists wouldn't marry. Marriage is not about procreation."

And again: "... I am a Christian. So are many gays."

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