Thursday, May 21, 2015

Teacher who stomps flag put on leave: 'We have no idea why he would' do this

An Illinois teacher whose flag-stomping classroom presentation was reported by students has now been placed on administrative leave and under investigation.

Students and school administrators, meanwhile, say they can't understand why the teacher, who's not been publicly names, would do such a thing.

The Journal Gazette & Times-Courier first reported the Martinsville Junior-Senior High School incident. Students said the teacher was using the U.S. flag as a pointer, and when one in the classroom called that disrespectful, the teacher became angry.

Students said he then put the flag on the floor and stepped on it, the Daily Caller reported.

"We can't figure out why he actually went to the simulations of actually doing it," senior Jonathan Smith said, to "He talked about it being the right to do whatever he wants. That's why it was there, so he could do whatever he wants, but we have no idea why he would actually take it down and basically start all this."

Town residents hearing the news of the flag-stomping rallied outside the school in protest.

School district superintendent Jill Rogers announced shortly after the teacher had been place "on leave, pending an investigation," and "will remain on leave for the remainder of the school year."

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