Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lois Lerner-IRS scandal reignites, as feds find thousands of new emails

The missing emails ...

An inspector general for the U.S. Treasury has uncovered thousands of emails that will help reveal the extent of the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of tea party-type groups during the 2004-2013 time frame.

The emails had former IRS chief Lois Lerner's name all over them; the Hill reported the messages were either sent to her, or sent from her.

In all, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, or TIGTA, uncovered 6,400 new emails the IRS hadn't turned over to lawmakers on Capitol Hill investigating the election year scandal.

The revelation of new emails follows a 2011 explanation from the IRS about its failure to procure much of Lerner's communications due to a computer crash.

Roughly 650 emails were from 2010 and 2011, and most of the remainder from 2012. Lawmakers haven't had a chance to review them, yet.

The IRS was forced to apologize for its targeting of tea party and patriotic groups seeking nonprofit status, and delaying their applications. Lerner, who headed the IRS section dealing with nonprofit applications, was put on leave and later retired.

The IRS said in a statement it was happy about the IG's finding, seeing it as "an encouraging development that will help resolve remaining questions and dispel uncertainty surrounding the emails," the Hill reported. "The IRS will continue to cooperate with the inspector general and the congressional committees to complete the work in this area and we look forward to the results."

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