Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fed agent snatches, smashes bystander's phone. Why? She videotaped them

Come on police ... Just Assume You're Being Videotaped!!!

The U.S. Marshals Service has launched an investigation into one of its agents who appears to be captured on video ripping a cell phone from the hands of a bystander who was trying to film him in the street while he responded to gang activity.

The video also seems to show the agent throwing the phone to the ground.

Gawker reported agents with the Marshals Service
were investigating some activity of a biker gang near a California home, and a nearby woman started videotaping the scene on her cell phone.

The agent then snatched the phone from the woman's hands and smashed it to the ground, the video shows.

"We've had incidents where people have videotaped us and it requires unbelievable restraint. Typically during times where things can be a little chaotic," said South gate police Capt. Darren Aerakawa, to the Los Angeles Times. "We really have to convey we're living in a different environment now where police action is scrutized and a lot of video is surfacing. We simply tell our officers to assume they're being recorded out in public at all times."

The L.A. Times identified the woman who owned the phone as Beatriz Paez, 34. She told the newspaper she was aiming her phone's camera lens at two men in black shirts with "Police" on their vests when they began to back toward her and block her view. The video shows a third officer, a deputy U.S. marshal, soon after rushing toward her and grabbing the phone and throwing it while she shouts: "Oh, no, don't do that."

Her attorney, Colleen Flynn, said the phone's screen was shattered and the device stopped working.

Unbeknownst to police, a resident in a nearby home caught the exchange between Paez and the Marshals Service agent on camera and posted that video to YouTube. That YouTube video then brought on the Marshals Service investigation into the agent's taped actions.

"The U.S. Marshals Service is aware of video footage of an incident that took place Sunday in Los Angeles County involving a deputy U.S. Marshal," the agency said in a statement. "The agency is currently reviewing the incident."

Hector Villagra, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Southern California, said the officer clearly violated law.

"There is no situation in which an officer can intentionally grab and destroy a camera being used to lawfully record law enforcement," he said, the newspaper reported. "The officer's conduct is a blatant and deliberate violation of the Constitution and his duties as an officer to abide by the law."

Check out the video ....


  1. This is where WE are headed. Oh, wait, this is where we are NOW. Freedom loving people will be harassed by police and other government agents, thrown in jail and/or forced to surrender their assets. It only takes one UNJUST, lengthy, prolonged arrest for you to lose your job, lose your money trying to fight it and to lose your home and other assets. These will not be isolated incidents. They will be by design, following directives from the gestapo agents in our government, all motivated to crush dissent and enslave those who disagree. Laugh at me now. Call me a whacko conspiratorialist. But remember my words..............when you've lost everything and had your children taken from you. At some point, you will have to make the choice between your freedom and your subserviance..............and it may mean deciding on whether you believe life is worth living as a slave of the government.

  2. Hey, I'm the author of "Police State USA." You don't have to tell me!! LOL