Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore burns and media wonder: Where's Obama?

Maybe he's golfing? I don't know ...

As Baltimore burns and chaos in the city continues, analysts in the media have started to question: Where's President Obama and why isn't he making a public statement?

"The president of the United States, who's got a big mouth, should have been on national TV last night saying, 'Kids, go home,'" said former New York Police Department detective Bo Dietl, during a Tuesday interview on Fox & Friends.

Dietl's remarks were framed in the context of saying most of the Monday evening protesters were youth who were in the streets because schools were closed, and who wanted to make an impression on their friends.

"These are kids who thought this was an opportunity to [say], 'Wow, let's go loot stores,'" he said. "It was animal house, that's what it is. When you have nowhere, nothing to live for, you want to do something that makes your friends go, "Wow, Bo just whacked a cop.' That's what's out there."

Dietl issued a stark warning the violence in Baltimore needed to be quickly "nipped," else it would grow worse. And he faulted Obama for not taking the opportunity to send out a message of peace and calm.

"This should have been nipped in the bud and the president ... should get on national TV and say [stop]," Dietl said. "We've got to take charge otherwise anarchy will be all over this country. ... I pray to God the president steps up and becomes a leader."

He's not alone in that view.

Charles Payne, a Fox Business Network analyst, said similarly on the same news show.

"Obama mishandled this whole thing, particularly on the racial side," Payne said. "You've got to admonish people. You can't always make the looters the victims. ... When we look at President Obama, he could have taken the words of Martin Luther King to the next level," and spoken of the immediate need for peace.

Looters and rioters have been setting fires, damaging buildings and breaking into businesses and destroying properties in recent days, since the funeral of Freddie Gray, the black man who died from massive spinal injuries incurred during police custody.


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