Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ben Carson warns of ‘pre-fascist thought’ pattern coursing through America


Ben Carson, renowned columnist and retired neurosurgeon, said America is seemingly in shambles, its Judeo-Christian roots ripped and its traditional family principles in chaos — the morally depraved result of a long line of progressive-minded policies that have seeped into national culture and politics.

“Get a book called ‘The Naked Communist,’ written in 1958, a long time ago, that lays out the whole secular progressive agenda, a large part of which is to kick our Judeo-Christian values to the side,” Carson said during an interview with Newsmax TV.

“And what we have today,” he said, “are those who say, ‘well, there is no such thing as the ideal family, [and that] every family situation is of equal value and this whole traditional family thing — this is what people who are bigots and religious fanatics talk about,’” he said.

Carson called it a scary scenario for the future of America.

“The majority of people in America, unfortunately, have been beaten down and actually find themselves afraid,” he said. “I talk to people all the time. I say, ‘Why don’t you speak up?’ ‘Well, I could lose my job. Somebody could call me a name. I could get an IRS audit.’ … This is America? How did this happen?”

He faulted universities as helping fuel such an atmosphere by shutting down commencement speeches from conservative leaders and encouraging students to rebel against those with traditional views.

“And we’re tolerating this? Not only are we tolerating it, our universities are saying to our students, ‘If somebody doesn’t agree with you, you shouldn’t hear them, but no one else should hear them either. If they have a business, you should destroy it. If they have a reputation, you should tarnish it,’” Carson told Newsmax. “This is pre-fascist thought. When I was a teenager, liberals of that time would have been horrified.”

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  1. Carson is partially correct in his assessment of the source of the problem. However, the elephant in the living room is ignored as usual: our public school system. It is arguable that the start of this cultural shift that Carson decries can be traced back to 1852. That was the year that Massachusetts enacted compulsory attendance laws in concert with a state-wide government school system. It was based on the authoritarian Prussian factory-style school system and is essentially what we have today. As educator John Taylor Gatto has noted "…the Prussian system was useful in creating not only a harmless electorate and a servile labor force but also a virtual herd of mindless consumers."

    If you carefully study the unabridged history of schooling in America, you will also find that alienating children from their parents' worldviews was part of the plan from the beginning. The purpose of this goal was to lead us into a "progressive" utopian future. As long as government controls the education process, this will continue. The sad part of all this is most people see this oppressive system as a good thing rather than as a violation of civil rights - but it also shows the success of the system in redirecting young citizens away from our founding principles.