Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sen. Rand Paul on ex-IRS head Lois Lerner: Choose -- testify or jail

Sen. Rand Paul said it's not complicated, former IRS head Lois Lerner has a quick and clear decision to make -- either testify, or go to jail.

"You know, contempt is something you can go to jail for," he said, Newsmax reported. "And it doesn't happen often. In fact, I'm not sure if we ever had someone go to prison for a contempt order, but it is something that has a significant penalty. So she will have to decide -- is she going to risk going to jail, or testify in a truthful manner?"

His statements come as the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is voting on whether or not to hold the former IRS official -- who is a key figure in the federal agency's alleged targeting of tea party groups -- in contempt of Congress.

She could face imprisonment, depending on how the vote goes -- and Paul isn't alone in his view that Congress shouldn't pull punches with her.

House Speaker John Boehner said on Monday that "somebody at the IRS" should go to jail, and vowed that the House would find her in contempt.

Lerner retired from her position but now collects a government pension, Newsmax reported.

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