Saturday, March 22, 2014

Obamacare glitch leaves heart attack vicitm with $400K bill

Another happy Obamacare customer ...

A man in Las Vegas who thought he was covered under his state’s Obamacare exchange just learned — after having a heart attack — he wasn’t, and he’s now been stuck with the $400,000-plus medical bill.

Larry Basich, 62, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he signed up for Obamacare months ago, using his state’s Internet exchange site. He selected UnitedHealthcare in November, and said he called repeatedly to confirm that he was in fact enrolled —and then he even paid for it.

Basich said he never received written notification of his coverage, but that Nevada Health Link officials told him on the phone not to worry, that he was enrolled, The Blaze reported.

He then had a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass surgery.

Much to his surprise, he then learned that he wasn’t insured — and that he was going to be responsible for the full cost of his medical treatments.

Fox News reported that the contractor for the state exchange, called Xerox, “reportedly tried to assign Basich's bills to another insurance plan, but that plan is refusing to accept them. Basich's insurance broker also complained that Xerox is spending a lot of time lawyering up and documenting all of Basich's communications.”

The contractor, however, said to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that it’s trying to work out the situation with Basich.

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  1. Look at the VA scandal that's going on right now. This is the future of healthcare in the usa. first the usa government says it is an isolated incident. Then it is reported that it is standard practice...apparently.

    Cheryl, i would ask you to write an article blasting the usa government but i wouldn't want barrack sadam hussain obamas muslim brotherhood to molest your familys privacy in order to silence you.

    the usa government is on track to become the next version on hitler's Germany. the usa even has nazi style fema concentration camps ready to house and exterminate anyone who speaks against them. the laws are in place too. Patriot act, ndaa, ect.. all put in place so the usa government can charge its citizenry as terrorists for speaking out.