Friday, February 15, 2013

USDA workers caught in video chant, ‘Pilgrims were illegal aliens’

Watchdog nonprofit Judicial Watch has released video of U. S. Department of Agriculture worker caught on video at a cultural diversity seminar banging on tables and chanting, “The Pilgrims were illegal aliens.”

During mandated Cultural Sensitivity Training, USDA workers were also told to stay away from the word “minorities” and instead use the phrase, “emerging majorities,” Judicial Watch reported.

The group received the video via a Freedom of Information Act, made in May 2012.

Trainer Samuel Betances – a self-described “citizen of the world” who rejoiced on a Fox News broadcast of the video of the emerging majority of minorities – held the seminars on USDA premises, Judicial Watch reported.

Previously, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack had called for USDA workers to embrace a “new era of civil rights” and “a broader effort toward cultural transformation at USDA,” Judicial Watch reported.

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