Tuesday, December 11, 2012

White House uses WhiteHouse.gov website for fiscal cliff campaign

Our illustrious campaigner-in-chief is at it again, I see. Regarding the upcoming fiscal cliff, and debate over tax hikes on the rich -- which President Obama steadfastly supports and Republicans generally oppose -- the latest White House messaging has struck a much more campaign-type tone than leadership quality.

Go to the White House website -- you know, the one that serves the entire nation, regardless of race, political party or creed, as funded by American taxpayers, of all races, political parties and creeds -- and this is what awaits:

"What Does $2000 Mean to You?"

"If Congress fails to act before the end of the year, every American family's taxes will automatically go up and people from all over America are writing in to say what $2000 means to middle class families."

Flashing to the right are assortetd helpful answers by helpful Twitter users:

"#My2K will go toward paying for my children's daycare expenses."

"Groceries on my table for four months. Heating my home for a year. Two mortgage payments."
"#my2k 3 months of mortgage payments or groceries or an entire years property tax. 2k is a lot for some families."

"#My2k is diapers, wipes, food & gas for me and my 2 year old son need this"

And located directly beneath are handy buttons: Learn More. Add Your Voice.

Go to the Add Your Voice link and you get to tell your own story of woe. The intent, of course, is to cast blame for looming fiscal disaster away from the White House and onto Congress -- or, more specifically, on to Republicans in Congress. But where's the taxpayer funded message on the White House website that complains of Obama's stonewalling? Or, of Democrats' fiscal irresponsibility?

I'm a taxpayer; I pay White House salaries. I have a tale of woe to tell, too. Doesn't anybody at the White House want to give me a Twitter label and link?

See here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/

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