Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TSA yanking naked body scanners -- well, some of them

Finally, the Transportation Security Administration is ratcheting back on its controversial naked body scanner program, and pulling the devices from airports nationwide.

From CNBC, Oct. 23:
"The Transportation Security Administration is removing full-body, X-ray scanners from major U.S. airports, and shipping them to less busy locations. TSA introduced the so-called Backscatter scanners, sometimes referred to as the "naked" X-ray machines, at U.S. airports in 2009. Many travelers were not happy that naked images of themselves were displayed to TSA officers in a nearby room. In addition to privacy concerns, travelers were concerned about radiation exposure."

But the catch is in the first sentence. The TSA is not completely stopping the program. Rather, the technology will now be in place at less busy airports.

This whole program has always struck me as a case-in-point of government elitism and hypocrisy. Can you imagine how long these scanners would be in place if Michelle Obama were forced to undergo the scrutiny? Or Obama daughter Malia and Sasha?

Read the full story here:

But the take-away is this: Government should not be allowed to exempt itself from the very laws and policies that are inflicted upon the American people.

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