Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dukakis: Don't be a hypocrite

Ok, this statement just cannot go unchallenged. It comes from a Sept. 4 ABC News report:

Michael Dukakis said there is something Americans need to know about Mitt Romney: the “absolute mess” he made of Massachusetts when he was governor of the state.

“When he was governor, my state was 47th out of 50th in job creation under this guy, who by the way, when he ran for governor said exactly the same thing, that he was a business guy, knew all about the economy, and, he really was a disastrous economic leader,” Dukakis, who is also a former governor of Massachusetts and was the Democratic presidential candidate in 1988, told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl.

Dukakis is decrying Mitt Romney's leadership? Calling Mitt a "disastrous economic leader?"

Because of Dukakis, and because of Dukakis' absolute failure to stimulate the economy and foster job growth in Massachusetts during his own years of service as governor -- I joined the Army. That's right. The economy in my former home Bay State was so bad, I joined the Army to pay my bills.

So please, former Gov. Dukakis, think before you speak. You, too, have a record that can be recalled. It goes something like this: Lay-offs. Pink slips. Cut-backs. Firings. Closings.

No doubt military recruitment was at an all-time high, though.

Here's the story:

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