Saturday, July 28, 2012

More taxes, more taxes, more taxes

And now, presenting, another terrific budget idea from the Democrats ... More Taxes. These ones, however, are for our own good. They will help save the children, save their futures. In so doing, that saves America. Read the excerpt, from a Heartland Institute article:

"Bottled water, iced tea, soda, and juice at Baltimore groceries and convenience stores began costing more on July 1.

City Council members increased the bottle tax from 2 cents to 5 cents a bottle, over the objections of store owners and business groups that say the tax places them at a competitive disadvantage.

The tax means a 12-pack of soda costs 60 cents more in Baltimore than in stores outside city boundaries. A case of bottled water increases by $1.20. Excluded are dairy items and beverages sold in bottles larger than two liters."

The reason for the new tax? Once again, it's for the children ... the bottle tax is expected to raise $10 million for school construction. Yet one-in-five Baltimore-ians live below poverty level, while the unemployment rate in the city surpasses 9 percent. Wouldn't it be better sense to find some budget cuts, than hit up the city's hardest hit for more?

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