Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A park ranger who needs to be fired

A few weeks ago, I came across this piece, at the San Francisco Chronicle, and thought, ‘well, there’s a good example of government run amok.’ Re-reading it two weeks later, that impression hasn’t much changed.

Here’s the opener: “A Montara man walking two lapdogs off leash was hit with an electric-shock gun by a National Park Service ranger after allegedly giving a false name and trying to walk away, authorities said.”

Yes, that’s Montara – not Montana. Montara is located nearby the Rancho Corral de Tierra, which was just folded into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area In California, according to the story.

The story continues, citing a spokesman from the park service, Howard Levitt: “The ranger, who wasn't identified, asked [the man, named Gary] Hesterberg to remain at the scene, Levitt said. He tried several times to leave, and finally the ranger "pursued him a little bit and she did deploy her" electric-shock weapon, Levitt said. "That did stop him." … Hesterberg, whose age was not available, was arrested on suspicion of failing to obey a lawful order, having dogs off-leash and knowingly providing false information, Levitt said.”


Since when does a park ranger have such authority over an American citizen? An American citizen taking his dogs on a walk?

This right here is Prime Reason Number One for the need of America to stay vigilant with private property rights. Public parks may be necessary in the minds of some, but never to the point where private citizens feel as if they don’t have the freedom to roam the very parks they fund and own.


  1. I also can't Understand why they will not release the Ranger's Name.
    If the ranger did nothing wrong then why should the ranger's name be protected? See the insane hypocrisy here? Idiots with a plastic badge and taser can ask you for your name, but they do not have to give up their names. You see we are supposed to look at them as if they are gods and royalty, And we are supposed to be looked at by them as criminals and scum. And our taxes fund there pay checks. But this is what it is all about injustice. They are trying to condition us Americans to get used to a police state so they can create a full police state. What this ranger did was illegal and was nothing more than assault. And I hope this victim does not let this go until this tyrant is at least fired. I am sick of the illegal assaults by these tyrants being treated as legal and normal when most of what they do now is highly illegal. The Feds and Guards And Rangers and Police have basically become criminals. And robots for the Rich banks instead of servants of the people like they are supposed to be. Remember Americans They are not the law. We the people are the law. They are the public servants payed for by us. They are not above the law or above you or me. They are not our rulers we the people are the rulers. (Never forget that)

  2. Well said Frank. After all, the government works for us, right?